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Blueberry Sweet Rolls

I saw this recipe and i knew i had to make them pronto….it wasnt as labor intensive as making bread but its still took a bit more effort than making spaghetti But did adapt the recipe a little bit.

on the taste effort scale….

1 = easy/horrible taste

10 = extremely difficult / best food on earth

Easy= 6,

Taste= 8.5 ( not extremely sweet and nice taste of the blueberries)

blueberry rolls

You start out by boiling milk and giving it a water bath

milk bath

after you let the dough rise you roll it, into a rectangle and butter the dough ( 1/2 stick)


Mix blueberries with sugar,flour and cinnamon


spread on dough and roll up

dough 33

Pre baking

pre rolls

side view of un baked roll

sliced roll


All done!




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